The Land of Land Rovers

ავტომობილები & ტრანსპორტი

Journey to Maneybhanjang, ‘the place where all roads meet’ deep in the Himalayas, and discover why this remote village in the sky is known as the Land of Land Rovers.


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    Such an amazing video. Love from Nagaland. 🤗

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    Should have mentioned Mt. Everest can be seen in the last shot

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    Ek din ma pani aunchu Sandakphu🙏😊💐 and take a ride in The Land Rover🙏😊

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    Love of a Indian village for a Indian brand ❣❣

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    So cool, I was there too experienced

  • MONDAL'S Diary
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    People of this milennia must have this experience, and from Sandakphu you can go to Phaluk, another beautiful place where you can get the best view of Kanchenjunga.. Welcome to WEST BENGAL...

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    0:17 Prasant Tamang ji(Kalu da) made our recent Sandakphu trip successful.

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    0:47 hey beautiful

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    Land Rover Porn. OMG!!

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    Awesome 👌....

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    Now that’s living the Land Rover life cheers

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    I have tears in my eyes So emotional So awesome So lovely

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    Proud To Be An Indian🇮🇳, Proud On Mr. Ratan Tata To Be The Owner Of Legendary Land Rover And A Proud Owner of Land Rover Discovery Sport.... Jai Hind... 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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    Wow dawala, you drive so well

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    Land Rover at its best👍🏻

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    Land rover is never day 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 saya masih menabung uang untuk membeli land rover 🙏🏾😅😓

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  • Shehin Sidhik
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    How did this many Land Rover's reach there & how's the maintenance still possible?

  • Land Rover

    Land Rover

    10 თვის წინ

    We have other films about this extraordinary place on our channel - search 'Land of Land Rovers' to learn the answers to your questions in them!

  • the bigman TINY
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    Nepali people I love them

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    A perfect trinity: the land, the people and the vehicle. Land Rovers

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    aight I'm moving

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    looks like you have never been to MALTA

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    Land Rover

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    Perhaps a good suggestion for a future video!

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    Land Rover is love😍😍😍

  • Luis Fernando Ariza
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    Para mí estos son los mejores 4x4 del mundo.simples ,robustos . Eternos

  • Indominus Rex
    Indominus Rexწლის წინ

    land rover series is the most usable jeep in the WORLD! because I all so had land rover series 2A

  • kunchok lepcha
    kunchok lepchaწლის წინ

    Miss this place. .........I'm a land Rover Driver🚘🚘🚘......Maneybhanjang to sandakphur N phalut.........I miss you chanden uncle n Kalu mama☺☺☺I miss all land Rover car number WB.77.3206

  • Saurav Srivastava
    Saurav Srivastavaწლის წინ

    Been there, traveled in them

  • Henry Ratajczak
    Henry Ratajczakწლის წინ

    Thank you for sharing your series 1 Land Rovers. I'm very proud to say my 1957 diesel 86"wheel base is still going 💪 strong. By the way I purchased it new and the original owner. My other is a 1965 series 2A diesel 109" station wagon, again was purchased new, and original owner. Both were purchased on the overseas delivery program, with special additional options( galvanized chassis, and any steel parts heavy galvanized) Again thank you for sharing your series 1's with us. Greetings from Florida, and the United States of America.

    CjANE VINZXწლის წინ


  • ᛉᛇ ᚵᛒ
    ᛉᛇ ᚵᛒწლის წინ

    Here's to the brave guys driving the ancient Series 1s up those mountain roads!

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    Driving treasures!!

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    This is what Land Rover is. :)

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    WOW !!! Love the Advert !

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  • Anushka Sadhu
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    I have visited the place And rode the land rover defender It's very powerful Nice vehicle The roads are like in 40°angle

  • Sujan Paudel
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    If you use the village for your advertisement, call it "the land of land rover" then it would be better if you could provide the community with some newer ones as your CSR activity or whatever,...the way I see it the real magic here is not the land rover but the courage & skill of person driving it.

  • Matthew Allan
    Matthew Allan2 წლის წინ

    Such a shame that this company continues to ride on the coat tails of the legend yet don't make a single commercial vehicle any more shame on you Land Rover

  • Matthew Allan

    Matthew Allan

    2 წლის წინ

    Land Rover come on who's leg do you think you are pulling a defender is a commercial vehicle a 79 series Toyota is a commercial vehicle so is a hilux or ford ranger. Just because a disco sport has been in a commercial does not make it a commercial vehicle. Land Rover has dropped the ball

  • Land Rover

    Land Rover

    2 წლის წინ

    Sorry to contradict you Matthew, but we actually offer a number of commercial vehicle options at present - search, "Land Rover Commercial Vehicle" to see more.

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    What an awesome story! Great vehicles and amazing people!

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    Well done guys 👏🏼👏🏼 This is how we promote our country Keep on doing such things I loved it😁

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    I wonder from where he gets the spares to maintain a 1957 land Rover

  • cafex123


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    Wrong.... A person has bought several landrovers scrapped it and sells for spares... Major ones... All others are made in India. Or altered to suit mahindra spares. .

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    Phil Thomas

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    Online, like everyone else?

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    Start making Defenders again, you plonkers!

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    Now I know where I must have an expedition. It will be tough to go there from Moscow, but... Why not?

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    If you can, then you must try this exprdition, It would be your lifetime experience!

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    Do connect! I am from nearby. :)

  • Aditya Sharma
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    This video give me another impulse regarding land rovers. *No Vehicle is Better than Land Rover* *To drive a land rover you need Courage,You must be confident* Above And Beyond I love Land rovers 😆

  • McHanif
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    Have you guys heard of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia ? Literally thousands of defenders and series landie up there. Just look it up. Would make a nice feature for LR PR team

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    Great find!! Planners/creatives great job !!

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    this give me chills!

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    Hami nepali

  • Hyper Hummel
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    Its a shame that you are not producing them anymore

  • Land Rover

    Land Rover

    2 წლის წინ

    These vehicles are still an important part of our ongoing plans - visit to hear about our 'Land Rover Classic Works' programme.

  • Manish Boral
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    Liked this video so much just because you can or rather I could directly connect to the emotions of the individual driver

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    I like only land rovers except all waste only landrover the first and best

  • Riding TusCanY
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    What an incredible place!! I'm too a proud Land Rover owner, thanks for sharing

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    its a ship of mountains ⛰

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    trust me dear the road to sandakphu you will be starting from a, b, c of driving no power drifts no nitros. its real driving there

  • Kongkan Baishya
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    yeah we himalayans know how was important this car at past present and future 🤗

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  • 46 PUTIN
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    These guys are speaking Nepali but why is there Indian flag on the table in the beginning? Btw Land Rover is the best 4×4 till date so far. Defender, to be more precise. And this video is legit. Hats off team Land Rover.

  • Rohan Chowdhary

    Rohan Chowdhary

    2 წლის წინ

    There are Indians who happen to be Gorkhas and speak Nepalese you know. This is is Darjeeling, so obviously they are not going to keep Nepal flag.

  • Land Rover

    Land Rover

    2 წლის წინ

    Maneybhanjang is on the border so it's to be expected that people from different regions would meet and live there. Glad you enjoyed the video!

  • KJ Mok
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    it has been my dream to drive cross continents in a defender.

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    The great view of Land rover ever had .thank

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    Best product land rover

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    Land Rover at its best

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    A Simply Fab Life Land Rover was at its best when it was making vehicles like the series 1 and 2, 2a. The reliability issues from then on, the shambles of British Leyland, really tarnished its reputation. The defender was an amazing vehicle (great chassis and articulation) but with no proper updates, underpowered engines and poor reliability it really lost ground to more successful Japanese competition. Land Rover really dropped the ball with the Defender.

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    You guys are legends what an awesome video!!!!

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    Amazing... U deserve such respect Miss Rover 😍

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    *as i land in the land of land* and then i rover around the rover land, land rover, rover...

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    sometimes its better to go with simplicity over beauty of complexity....charming good old days

  • Tromi1986
    Tromi19862 წლის წინ

    @Land Rover, this is a great commercial, but these vehicles are not in a good shape, so I think that it would be nice from Land Rover to take em 1 by 1 and repair all that's broken and replace what can't be fixed ? :) I'm sure that these people would appreciate it... :D They would be able to use em for 50 more years :)

  • mrcvry


    2 წლის წინ

    Tromi1986 I bet that they are mechanically in good condition. Imagine a break or steering failure on those roads! Land Rover does buy back the old Series I and restores them. You know the price? They charge you €100000+ for the restored vehicle! If you have one you better keep it and restore it yourself. Just seen the video from PowerDrift. There are close up‘s of the vehicles. They are in a surprisingly good condition! In most other countries the daily drivers often do not look that good!

  • pema gyaltsen

    pema gyaltsen

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    land rover india set up an event aswell for 70 years in that location. u can check this out

  • pema gyaltsen

    pema gyaltsen

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    most of those are passed down from their grand parents or parents

  • pema gyaltsen

    pema gyaltsen

    2 წლის წინ

    i live quite close to that region...those LR's are their pride. the only problem they face is spares availability .

  • Tromi1986


    2 წლის წინ

    Aaron ___ well, take a look in the video itself... And after 50 years of frequent use, nothing can be in perfect shape ... And a friend of mine had a 50 year old Land Rover, engine and transmission were good, but everything else was falling apart, despite being kept in garage and maintained...

  • Kingi King
    Kingi King2 წლის წინ

    My first Landie was 1954. I just loved it. Many years later i wish i still had it. But now i have a series 1 discovery V8 i have had it for 16 years and it's never let me down and I've driven it all over Australia. I will never sell this one.

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    Wow, such a nice video

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    Amazing video. Brought a tear to my eye. Makes me wish I had my dream Land Rover. But I'll take to two I have!

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    well that was random... great video though

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    Great commercial! Now, where can I get one of these simple, reliable models?

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    wjsj69 Technically you can buy a reborn🤷🏼‍♂️

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    Land Rover: not only the men's best friend, it's a life style.

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    Awesome video! Amazing to watch..

  • R Saha
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    I had experienced this ride from Manybhanjan to Sandakphu in a vintage 1957 Land Rover. Every trip on this road in a Land Rover comes guaranteed with more ups and downs than an entire lifetime.

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  • Andy McKane
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    How soon is the next generation Defender going to become available for purchase? I owned and drove Land Rovers for about 30 years. Have been driving a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon since April 2012. (My Rubicon is now on the Island of Molokai in Hawaii. My primary residence is in Utah. I need another off-road capable 4-wheel drive. The only makes I'd consider for on and off-road use are the Wrangler Rubicons and a U.S. market Land Rover Defender. Let's see JLR and Tata put the next generation Defender for sale on the U.S. market.) Thanks for the wonderful video on the Land of Land Rovers!

  • Jakob


    2 წლის წინ

    Anthony D and I was sure they were gone for good...

  • Anthony D

    Anthony D

    2 წლის წინ

    Jakob the Defender isn’t entirely gone yet, he was asking about the next generation Defender which they expect in 2019, this will replace the existing model they stopped in 2015.

  • Jakob


    2 წლის წინ

    Andy McKane I'm sorry to break it to you, but they got discontinued at the end of 2015. You could import a 1993 or older?

  • ramosoluis
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    Going to ship my s1 over there so that they can do the same swap they did for that td5 s1 at 2:40 :P #typicallandroverthing

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    Music awesome with LR..!!

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    Great film about the best car in the world love seeing these old Series Land Rovers in one film we did a short one as well about one we found in a barn and this one has inspired us to do aother one with a bit of action in it like this just got to get the owner to agree 🇬🇧😆 here is a link if anyone is interested

  • Hieth George

    Hieth George

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    Thanks alot the sliding shots are easy - we might make a film on how to do them if people want let us know and we will see what we can do cheers Hieth & Al

  • Hieth George

    Hieth George

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    Yeah I know we were well chuffed hoepfully we can make another one with the owners permission thanks for watching!

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    Keep Fit Friday

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    This is an #Awesome film - but your is not bad either we love the shots of inside and the Drone shot at the end - thanks for putting it on GEheads - your fitness videos are cool as well it has inspired us to start to do some just need to know how to start !

  • Flower Arranging - Daffodils Exmouth Florist

    Flower Arranging - Daffodils Exmouth Florist

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    Thanks for sharing your short film it is rerally good - we would love to know how you made the sliding shots as we would like to do somethign similar for our films on our website - thanks for sharing it - by the way Land Rovers are the best cars I own a Discovery TD5 and love it to bits !

  • RC Stunt Dudes

    RC Stunt Dudes

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    Awesome amazing what you can find in a Barn - thanks for sharing you should really get it out on the road or better still off road to make another film !

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    Hey Land Rover Why don't you make films about Sri Lanka Landrovers ,they are plenty of old ones still alive.

  • D Traveller LK

    D Traveller LK

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    Land Rover thank you, i also in to commercial films Please let me know when you are doing to see your shoot.

  • Land Rover

    Land Rover

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    An interesting idea for a future film - we'll definitely be exploring Sri Lanka again in the future!

  • dailysleaze
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    I have an Evoque and a Range Rover, but they're just not quite right. Where can I buy this new model? Will I be able to afford one if I trade in both my vehicles?

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    2.55 wooow 👌

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    Wow amazing, I know where I want to take my defender

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    Take note, house wifes!

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    Who says land rover are unreliable... watch this LRs ...the legendary land rovers

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    @mrcvry i bought one it works great till now.

  • mrcvry


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    The OLD ones are great! The new ones are full of electronics and electronics from the UK were always problematic. Thousands of sensors and a single failure and the computer shuts down the vehicle. A bad connection is enough.

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    The best car in every terrain, sure that it is right~!

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    Ninooooo wow your cars are so gorgeous! thank you for repeat^^

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    I hate to break it to you but by Having owned Land Rovers and Jeeps I can say that Jeeps are better than land rovers off road by far. I’m not hating on land rovers as I love and currently own both makes.

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    I wish I belonged to this Village

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    i do, visit darjeeling if you ever can and we will be happy to have you here. maybe you can drive one too!!

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    Wow...the video is so good. Especially kudos to your cinematographer 👍

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    Beatifull land scapes, beatifull cars, the most of alls.

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