Restoring a Classic Land Rover

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A 1970s Land Rover stopped working. With zero mechanical experience, we tried to fix it...
This is not a how to guide, rather a few amateurs fumbling their way through a repair. Whilst we had the roof off, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to convert to a soft top in time for summer. After 20 hours of driving and a ferry crossing we made it to the Farmhouse in France, and are cracking on with an upcoming roof restoration! Subscribe to catch that :)


  • Bob Carruthers
    Bob Carruthersდღის წინ

    Of course the Toyota Landcruisers are way superior but a lot of people have a sentimental attachment to these buckets of bolts including,strangely enough,the French.

  • Roger Green
    Roger Green3 დღის წინ

    The least you fellows could have done is clean or wipe down the floor boards and seat frame before re installing them. Still , a nice job.

  • F Humbucker
    F Humbucker4 დღის წინ

    great job. I would like to restore one in France.

  • Zeedy Aryanti
    Zeedy Aryanti5 დღის წინ

    I Saw a Calvin Klein there

  • colm brady
    colm brady8 დღის წინ

    have you heard of rubber gloves?

  • Rishima Wary
    Rishima Wary10 დღის წინ

    I love ancient cars and old cars too😀☺

  • Rubenes1213
    Rubenes121312 დღის წინ

    Muy chileros para trabajar

  • Vincent Rolfe
    Vincent Rolfe15 დღის წინ

    Calvin Klein Land Rover is something new?

  • tom110111
    tom11011119 დღის წინ

    "With zero mechanical experience" wow that looked pretty pro to me.

  • Graeme Riley
    Graeme Riley21 დღის წინ

    Really interesting video, thanks a lot. Anyone here got a view on electric conversions available for classic LRs? I’m down in NZ and have seen come kits out of Australia. Thanks.

  • L
    L23 დღის წინ

    Great, no woffling Just got on with it .

  • Austin H
    Austin H29 დღის წინ

    This Land Rover is in better condition than most cars in the rust belt

    ERIK POTთვის წინ

    Riviting Content

  • Yasir Babikir
    Yasir Babikirთვის წინ

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 The greatest car in history . It's my dream car

  • fgseabra
    fgseabraთვის წინ

    Need more LR SIII projects

  • fgseabra
    fgseabraთვის წინ

    Brilliant! Like everything should be, straight to the point, simple and no BS

  • Fakhir Ali
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  • Capricorn
    Capricornთვის წინ

    This restoration is definitely not for the faint hearted ! Cheers

  • marwan mohamad
    marwan mohamadთვის წინ

    Guys where is the restoration here it just u have a tools and replaces few things for me it’s the same car

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright2 თვის წინ

    Absolute cowboys

  • Baras Tundra
    Baras Tundra2 თვის წინ

    Nice old car. Like and sub from me. I have restored one old car of 1955:

  • José Eduardo Santos
    José Eduardo Santos2 თვის წინ

    Hello, sorry for my English as a translator, First I am watching all of your videos and I am in love with your place at home. (here in Brazil we have some similar places but due to my conditions I have no ambition to have something similar to what you have). I would like to know which places in london and france your home is, to follow on google maps, something else do you live in london and the house in france is for the weekend ?. It could show more videos of the city near the house of france.

  • William Stainer
    William Stainer2 თვის წინ

    Came here for the Land rover, stayed for the farm/barn restoration. Great content, subscribed :D

  • richard brown
    richard brown2 თვის წინ

    You don't have to take the top off. I pulled my tx by myself. [not easy] Found out later the overdrive was bad!

  • mark rand
    mark rand2 თვის წინ

    owned a few of the above junk model landy 63 73 . even a 1980 toyota hilux 4x4 is a moon landing compared to the rubbish land rover made till pre say even the 1960 nissan patrol was a better car than junk landy .

  • Robert Kotula
    Robert Kotula2 თვის წინ

    Hardly a restoration. You mean clutch replacement and roof change.

  • Harry taylor
    Harry taylor2 თვის წინ

    try this by yourself i am doing two square body chevs 81 shortwheel stepside 77 4x4

  • Anderson Waldrop
    Anderson Waldrop2 თვის წინ

    I work on these vehicles I never liked them at first but now I’m in love

  • mabozzer ritchie
    mabozzer ritchie2 თვის წინ

    9.25: New clutch fitted. 13.05: Drives around with with foot resting on clutch pedal. 20k miles later: Wonders why clutch has worn out again.

  • Phil Copeland
    Phil Copeland2 თვის წინ

    Basically the same since Landrovers were first built in 1948? The fuel tank under the driver's seat looks like a death-wish. Buy some asbestos underpants?

  • kendzo adventure
    kendzo adventure2 თვის წინ

    Nice car brother...visit my jimny too

  • ColdBoltz
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  • Fernando Moreno Morales
    Fernando Moreno Morales2 თვის წინ

    Donde se puede pedir esa capota?

  • Fernando Moreno Morales
    Fernando Moreno Morales2 თვის წინ


    RAMËZ GOLDMAN2 თვის წინ


  • John Marston
    John Marston2 თვის წინ

    As a kid I've taken heaps of these apart to be shipped back over seas. So easy to work on.

  • i buy houses cash com
    i buy houses cash com2 თვის წინ

    Great job, thanks

    HarryTe HOBBYCORNER2 თვის წინ

    Nice job. Excellent project for covid period

  • Njal Baybayan
    Njal Baybayan2 თვის წინ

    Whats the tire size

  • Augusto Emery
    Augusto Emery2 თვის წინ

    Daqui do Brasil eu vi q a capota estava virada,as tiras de prender estavam do lado de fora.

  • David Butler
    David Butler3 თვის წინ

    Just a quick FYI roll the canvas sides inward and they won hold rain or dirt. When you unroll them it will keep you clean.

  • carlrogers


    3 თვის წინ

    great tip thanks

  • Raul Aurel Pienaru
    Raul Aurel Pienaru3 თვის წინ

    Where you from ?

  • Robert Plajhnik
    Robert Plajhnik3 თვის წინ

    Iit's not restoring, it's clutch replacement... Anyway thans for some tips, I got one on eye by years but owner prefers to keep him abandoned outside by ten years so far instead of selling...

  • Macphesto Zoo
    Macphesto Zoo3 თვის წინ

    What seats do you have on yours?

  • bodo mager
    bodo mager3 თვის წინ

    cooles auto, das will ich auch

  • Johanna Kispál
    Johanna Kispál3 თვის წინ

    Sorry to jump in, but I just wanted to share my husband restored a series 2 Landy, check his channel out:

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson3 თვის წინ

    13:10. That's why it needed a new clutch then...

  • El granjero
    El granjero3 თვის წინ

    Is perfect

  • Roland Rosso
    Roland Rosso3 თვის წინ

    Really neat channel. I grew up near Pau, Pyrenees Atlantique. Interesting to see the progress.

  • Red Pen
    Red Pen3 თვის წინ

    I would clean all parts b4 put them back polish paint thepn roof .

  • Dean Bun
    Dean Bun3 თვის წინ

    pass me a spanner , what size , 13 mil, they are all 13 mil.

  • Eurobeatmachinist
    Eurobeatmachinist4 თვის წინ

    You know its a british car when the clutch replacement starts with taking off the roof.

  • notrut
    notrut4 თვის წინ

    Did you get FINED by Mad Khan in London?

  • Marcych LontVisco
    Marcych LontVisco4 თვის წინ

    Where you buy a parts. I have one LR series 3 from 1973y. But can find parts.

  • Mr Stratau
    Mr Stratau4 თვის წინ

    always one extra cable or bolt that is missed, always....

  • Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec
    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec4 თვის წინ

    I spent time in Edinburgh and had one, a 110. Loved it but couldn't import it to Canada. We are only allowed to import 15 years or older. I ended up fulfilling my need for a Landy with my 2008 Jeep Wrangler, which I still have.

  • Bernard Barbour
    Bernard Barbour4 თვის წინ

    Wow, loved the ending. Taking the Old Rover across the channel epic. Thank you, much enjoyed.

  • JB Aviation
    JB Aviation4 თვის წინ

    Do you have a list of tools?

  • Vivek Joseph
    Vivek Joseph4 თვის წინ

    100 £ clutch, 10,000 £ labour charge 😬

  • MAYCO Custom Restorations
    MAYCO Custom Restorations4 თვის წინ

    I’m restoring a 1970 Chevy truck. Might not take experience to learn but you do have to have money and time.

  • James Cook
    James Cook4 თვის წინ

    Just found this channel and loving the content! Thanks for sharing!

  • Theodore Olson
    Theodore Olson4 თვის წინ

    Wow his name is Calvin Klein too. Small world. Lots of sharp edges on the new soft top. They should invest in a shop vac.

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez4 თვის წინ

    Cool I love the LandRover

  • Arthur john
    Arthur john4 თვის წინ

    My dad used to own this car back then... everything look so familiar!,,

  • Robert Neven
    Robert Neven4 თვის წინ

    respect chaps, good bloody job,

  • G Junior
    G Junior4 თვის წინ

    Sweet ride

  • lancedaniels
    lancedaniels4 თვის წინ

    Thanks for posting and sharing. Nice to see the Land Rover running after your repair work.

  • eamonn doran
    eamonn doran4 თვის წინ

    Wow wow wow. In love with it!!!

  • mon cep
    mon cep4 თვის წინ

    ESTE ES UN 88 -... TENGO 2 88 DE 1953 , Y UNO 109 DE 1980 ... LOS 3 INGLESES ... UNAS JOYAS ...

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt4 თვის წინ

    0:42 What’s up Calvin?

  • Iuri Vasilică Blioju
    Iuri Vasilică Blioju4 თვის წინ

    Hello, you can still find original parts for Land Rover, here in the Netherlands you can't find any at all, fake parts have been made, nobody knows where, but they have factory labels, everyone put Land rovers on sale, especially since 2021, taxes on diesel engines increase, and in each year they will increase, the target is, as on December 31, 2029, to be the last day for diesel engines in Europe, Even Toyota has announced that starting with January 2021, they no longer manufacture Toyota with diesel or mixed engines, they switch to electric.

  • Roy Works
    Roy Works4 თვის წინ

    Cool landie

  • Михайло Головатий
    Михайло Головатий5 თვის წინ

    Congratulations from Ukraine) You are the best 😊

  • Dean Bun
    Dean Bun5 თვის წინ

    Anyone can build a LandRover with just 3 cups of tea and a 13 mil spanner.

    ANAS BENHAMMOU5 თვის წინ

  • Gustavo Romero
    Gustavo Romero5 თვის წინ

    Buenísimo. Que motor tiene??

  • Autotune Indonesia
    Autotune Indonesia5 თვის წინ

    Good job..awaiting restoration videos

  • tyler belcher
    tyler belcher5 თვის წინ

    "Zero mechanical experience" - this from guys with an engine lift, and plenty of automotive wrenches/tools.

  • Enoch Jairo

    Enoch Jairo

    თვის წინ

    I dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

  • Ben Williams

    Ben Williams

    2 თვის წინ

    Lack of experience does not mean lack of tools, they could’ve been borrowed from a mate

  • Amtcboy


    2 თვის წინ

    Yeah, right.

  • 01johnjackson
    01johnjackson5 თვის წინ

    I did a clutch on a landrover, we took engine out?? Much easier? Is it different on the older versions?

  • Rob J
    Rob J5 თვის წინ

    I guess the flywheel surface was in good condition and did not need machining?

  • Daniel Le Bon
    Daniel Le Bon5 თვის წინ

    Bonjour la ferme est située dans quelle région

  • Lucas Martínez Parra
    Lucas Martínez Parra5 თვის წინ

    Nice Land Rover, mate.

  • Steven Schwagel
    Steven Schwagel5 თვის წინ


  • Buddha 1964
    Buddha 19645 თვის წინ

    Why do no cleaning the Parts bevor you reasembelt here ? The Gearbox an the Frame gets cleaner with a Steam Powerwasher Kärcher !

  • vince machin
    vince machin5 თვის წინ

    This my friends, is why you should never buy someone else's restoration.

  • J McCracken
    J McCracken5 თვის წინ

    According to American Cars that Land Rover Clutch was a breeze. And they are very good vehicles to have. The top was nice to but I would have kept the metal as a Winter one.

  • Alexander J. Scheu
    Alexander J. Scheu5 თვის წინ

    Thank you so much for this Video - especially this young Gentlemen for the *Lectures - I looked and learnd - as they did... I recognized hat the assy and parts are not cleaned... and the rail and brackets are still rusted mounted. If you did this not under hurry of time, or why not ?! Wishing You Health and Luck; further a lot of fun with this *Icone, Greetings from Germany...

  • Chris Mee
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  • Paul Dashwood
    Paul Dashwood5 თვის წინ

    Great stuff ..don’t you just love negative comments......keep it up guys ..

  • bur bur
    bur bur5 თვის წინ

    Biritish Engineering at it's finest. A lot of faf just to replace a clutch

  • Mayank Singh

    Mayank Singh

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    Destruction 💯... Lmao

  • David Peirce
    David Peirce5 თვის წინ

    A 10mil, and a 13mil spanner, a pair of pliers, a hammer and two screwdrivers - × heads and that's a Landrover tool kit 😁

  • bohemian46
    bohemian465 თვის წინ

    I have owned and restored 5 Land Rovers. When I say restored, I mean restored. 1958 The actual, official, Olympics vehicle used at the Squaw Valley Winter Olympics 1960 1961 1964 1967 NADA 109 (very rare) 1975

  • S S
    S S5 თვის წინ

    what an arshole channel - really

  • Eric Severn
    Eric Severn5 თვის წინ

    I’ve been binge watching your channel and loving it. I love building stuff, especially building buildings, so it’s been difficult to look away. I love how you don’t stand in front of the camera and take ten minutes to tell us what you’re about to do and then do it in one. Writing down, briefly, what you’re about to do, either on the screen or on the material you’re using is brilliant. You’re right that we don’t need to be told what you’re about to do, and how, as you’re about to show us. Keep it up.

  • Terry Warner
    Terry Warner6 თვის წინ

    Riveting content? Yup, torquing good fun.

  • jordanson66
    jordanson666 თვის წინ

    Oh man, this bring memories back from my service days in Jordan , I finished my two years service in Jan 85, I rode this thing daily for two years. Land-rover is the most uncomfortable vehicle in the history of vehicles. But soldiers are not meant to ride in luxury. The most reliable car in the world no other car come even close. Well-done guys, thank you for this.

  • K- arpenter

    K- arpenter

    5 თვის წინ

    Your story seems pretty interesting! I wonder how's your life back in '80s serving Jordan. Thank you for sharing. It will be great if we can see your memorable pictures with the defender too.

  • EricaMTB
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    Series 3 have a removable cross member. Gearbox goes out the bottom.

  • 张文远
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  • Straya Shark
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    Meccano for grown ups.

  • Rahul Mukhia
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    👌👌👌 reminds me in British Darjeeling..but ur land rover seems half serviced already, looking at the paint job ....