1963 Land Rover Series IIA: An Honest 4x4

ავტომობილები & ტრანსპორტი

Long before it was turned into a model name, the thrill of discovery had become a fundamental piece of the Land Rover story. And while the English 4x4s have enjoyed a renaissance of popularity as of late, for every pristine one parked in a spotless garage there’s an old workhorse being chucked through the mud, used as intended. Basem Wasef falls into the latter camp; his 1963 Series IIA cleans up pretty nicely, but it looks much better fording than it does parked and polished. Early Land Rovers like this one are pieces of equipment built for prolonged and hard use. A tool for travel, for exploration, for finding the pleasure in mechanical purity. To drive it requires constant adjustment and attention, and you’ll barely hit highway speeds down a hill, but to be part of a different era and attitude of the automobile is well worth it.
See the photoshoot and further info here: petro.li/63LandRoverGallery
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  • lalit Kumar
    lalit Kumar2 დღის წინ

    Very very beautiful

  • L-Lefty
    L-Leftyთვის წინ

    Can someone please make a fiberglass kit car body for a series IIA? :D

  • All Good
    All Goodთვის წინ

    Awesome 👍

  • Marco Rojas
    Marco Rojasთვის წინ

    I just have to come back to watch this video every once in a while, no where have I found a better description of a Series Land Rover! It inspired me to find a 1963 series 2a to add to my S3 collection which will be road worthy very soon!

  • David Cooper
    David Cooper2 თვის წინ

    I owned a 2a 50 years ago. Watching this video, I could feel myself driving it again, in the mountains of North Wales and the English Lake District.

  • ohi gill
    ohi gill2 თვის წინ

    its much pretty than modern cars 😑👍

  • Kevin Reed
    Kevin Reed2 თვის წინ

    "the world is yours" : Land Rover... colonizing one nation at a time

  • ColdBoltz
    ColdBoltz2 თვის წინ


  • CaliPatriot88
    CaliPatriot882 თვის წინ


  • David Butler
    David Butler3 თვის წინ

    P.s. it’s made from aluminum, it has a low center of gravity

    D'RAS O'ZION3 თვის წინ

    those old land rover series II and Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 ....noting will replace them !!

  • hagestad
    hagestad4 თვის წინ

    2:01 That's because "bugatti designer" is VW employee. They try not to make straight lines so its harder to repair.

  • Charles Harrell
    Charles Harrell4 თვის წინ

    My first Land Rover was also a 1963 2A (88”) and I drove that thing everywhere. I loved the simplicity.

  • RhedinRage
    RhedinRage4 თვის წინ

    I would argue older cars are fundamentally safer, not because of their " features " but because you as a driver are engaged and working, you're aware. Some of these modern 'cars' with their lanestay, autonomous steering assist collision prevention yada yada, you can just not pay attention, go from A to B, never shift a gear and if the car does something unexpected, you are almost always guaranteed to crash (See Lane Stay videos, particularly of Tesla's crashing under autonomous driving). Been driving a 30, now 40 year old car for a long time, being aware and active means I drive a little slower, leave a little more distance, head out a little earlier than I do when I drive newer cars or used to daily a 2018 Mini.

  • me him
    me him5 თვის წინ

    Hi Basim, I live across the pond in the County of Essex, England and have just watched your video. You have caught the essence of owning an old Land Rover and emparted it perfectly. Your vehicle is beautiful. I drive a Series 1 Land Rover 1955 (86") which has been fitted with a much later 200TDi Engine and Series 3 gear box and Love it to bits! It is the first car that I have ever fallen in Love with and if ever anyone had told me that I would one day, fall in Love with a car, I would have laughed at them. Everything you say is "spot on". Total concentration is required every time you drive. Last week I was coming back from a Fishing trip and mentally switched off. Bad mistake, I was going too fast and in a good mood because I had caught a few fish. I came around a sharp bend and there, sitting stopped, in the middle of the road was a brand new BMW convertible. I had no choice other than slamm on the breaks and try to go around it. Naaa! Old Land Rovers are not good at that. No traction control, No ABS, No disc breaks, No seat belts! My Land Rover Locked up on all four wheels as I skidded across to the other side of the road where I hit the drainage ditch and flipped up onto two wheels thinking "I am going to roll!" Thank God, no one was coming the other way. She slammed back down and stopped (I am not lying) 6" from the back of the 2020 BMW. I could see the driver still on Her phone looking terrified into Her rear view mirror. No sooner had I stopped when She floored it and wheel spun up the road. My Fault entirely. You have to concentrate 100% of your driving time in an old Landy or end up in a smash and badly hurt. You can not drive an old car as if it was a new one. Just a fact. But what Fun to drive! God Bless You and those You Love, Stay safe. Gerard.

  • Autotune Indonesia
    Autotune Indonesia5 თვის წინ

    Good video..good car 👍

  • Mario Delgado
    Mario Delgado5 თვის წინ


  • Chris Defender
    Chris Defender5 თვის წინ

    A true love story, well done.

  • Jeffrey Alexander
    Jeffrey Alexander5 თვის წინ

    love this episode. Love this car!

  • МАГА gelandewagen
    МАГА gelandewagen6 თვის წინ

    geheads.info/mem/video/eJmxpIGDqpLCzWY drift

  • Straya Shark
    Straya Shark6 თვის წინ

    Series Land Rovers heading up so much in value in 2020

  • Hector Antonio Orantes
    Hector Antonio Orantes6 თვის წინ

    Belleza de maquina, mi padre dejo uno igual en El Salvador ahora vivo en paraguay, realmente adoro este auto

  • Chip Woods
    Chip Woods7 თვის წინ


  • PDZ1122
    PDZ11227 თვის წინ

    Oh, there are plenty of rust and corrosion issues with old Land Rovers, trust me! The aluminium body rots wherever it touches steel and the chassis is full of holes after 10 years in England. I had a 63 Series 2 and a 75 Series 3. Really miss it here in the US.

  • Syed Waqas
    Syed Waqas7 თვის წინ


  • Stewart Marshall
    Stewart Marshall7 თვის წინ

    Proud owner of three Land Rovers: '66 Safari Wagon, '71 ex-MOD 109 IIa, '97 Discovery with Roofnest roof tent. Love them all (but did spin-on oil filter and single wire alternator conversion on the older two).

  • Andrew Felcey
    Andrew Felcey7 თვის წინ

    SWB , Pour Class. 15 MINUTES Driving one is enough for me.

  • عادل الشعلان الغامدي
    عادل الشعلان الغامدي7 თვის წინ

    مازلت أؤؤكد

  • Aeropunk
    Aeropunk8 თვის წინ

    You didn't mention the noise, smell and "interesting" steering that adds to the Series Land Rover driving experience. We have one of the last Series Land Rovers built, a 1984 Series 3 109 soft top FFR. It gets used as the family weekend runabout. My children love the truck despite being into their tech. It's the only time they seem to get along together in a car now they are all teenagers. Using the truck makes going down the beach or to the woods for a dog walk or a barbecue all the more special, especially with the rag top sides rolled up. Just don't mention the 14 mpg.

  • J R
    J R8 თვის წინ

    Now they are fashionable............🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤪

  • J R
    J R8 თვის წინ

    Had a S11 A , in 1962 we we’re the same age.............I had it in the 1990s when I live on a Scottish island. It did and went everywhere 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤪

  • prashant birje
    prashant birje9 თვის წინ

    Back in day every thing was metal and manual. Hate plastics and computer on new cars

  • Allan Lloyd Lim
    Allan Lloyd Lim9 თვის წინ

    Woah, feels like a dream, meaningful.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo10 თვის წინ

    Stole lines from Richard Hammond's tribute

  • Roemah Iboe Sadewa Nakula's
    Roemah Iboe Sadewa Nakula's10 თვის წინ

    Wow, I love it. Land Rover my was dad car.

  • Ben Harris
    Ben Harris11 თვის წინ

    Can anyone help with the name of that paint colour! Need to know it’s killing me ahhh!

  • Urbasamaiteamusic
    Urbasamaiteamusic11 თვის წინ

    Tengo un LR 109 6 cil 3500 diésel, restaurado del ejército. Me da mucho placer conducirlo. Son coches que tienen mucha personalidad.

  • Roger Saxon
    Roger Saxon11 თვის წინ

    In Patagonia Argentina Land Rover is a legend car! And only one. As Land Rover nothing! Muy greetings from Buenos Aires-

  • Roger Saxon
    Roger Saxon11 თვის წინ

    Honest, strong and logic car. Beautiful!

  • Sachit Srivastava
    Sachit Srivastava11 თვის წინ

    This is love

  • djmallinson
    djmallinsonწლის წინ

    Thank you! My father bought a new 1963 Land Rover long wheelbase hardtop and had it converted to pick up as it was for farm use but also the family car, we drove to Scotland from England before there were any motorways overnight, four kids asleep in the back with boards laid across the bench seats and a mattress on top of that. no seat belts, airbags in the 1960s but we survived. I still have imprinted everything about the look feel and sounds of that vehicle, alas my brother sold it in 1986 for a song while I was away, or I'd still have it.

  • Bung Koni
    Bung Koniწლის წინ

    Land Rover nice video

  • #buzzofftoxic Blog
    #buzzofftoxic Blogწლის წინ

    Love my SWB 1970 2a also converts to use used veg oil☠️⛽☠️ 😆🌎#buzzofftoxic

  • Robert Roth
    Robert Rothწლის წინ

    Fabulous little film, even better Landy

  • Geoff Johnston
    Geoff Johnstonწლის წინ

    Basem please accept my apology in advance, i once upon a time loved these cars. You have a sickness!

  • علي التميمي
    علي التميميწლის წინ

    من وين يا اخ باسم

  • David W
    David Wწლის წინ

    Got a series three short wheel base I would love to own a series one some day

  • RutherfordRyan1
    RutherfordRyan1წლის წინ

    Basem, I can see the charm too and I’m a rover fan. Have you ever changed a gearbox on one ? How many fasteners and then have to pull It up through the cabin. No thought given to servicing access.The Noise. The piss weak diff gears. The terrible power inadequacy. It could easily have been so much better.

  • Vann Junkin
    Vann Junkinწლის წინ

    Pls leave the Patina as is.

  • Guy Jonson
    Guy Jonsonწლის წინ

    The doors were quite awful. The upper piece was always loose and flapped

  • life long
    life longწლის წინ

    Iconic....4 wheel drive, the bare minimum of comfort, and never give up responsiveness....and....not one bloody computer near it.

  • pmailkeey
    pmailkeeyწლის წინ

    At 1:31what's that square pipe sticking out of the ground towards the bottom left ?

  • URBEX 4x4 pl
    URBEX 4x4 plწლის წინ

    Super classic cars

  • ken terz
    ken terzწლის წინ

    hey...it's not a car...it's a land rover...

  • mereclander
    mereclanderწლის წინ

    I don’t mind the year, but those Land Rover models have the perfect design and “soul” that a classic car needs.

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-unწლის წინ

    My great-uncle invented matchbox cars! Love hearing his idea being thrown out there.

  • Ade H
    Ade Hწლის წინ

    Get an overdrive on it brother it's like driving a new car 🏁🏁

  • sam hopwood
    sam hopwoodწლის წინ

    I love hearing someone more articulate than myself put into words how I feel about my old Land Rover. She's definitely part of the family!

  • flight2k5
    flight2k5წლის წინ

    He’s got a pukin dogs sticker on it

  • forstflieger
    forstfliegerწლის წინ

    Wonderful! Thats not only a car, it`s a outlook on life. Thank You so much!

  • matthoops01
    matthoops01წლის წინ

    Fantastic car and beautiful video. I am about to restore 1970 SIIA 5 door safari wagon. Can someone recognize the color here? Is it desert sand?

  • choda42
    choda42წლის წინ

    Where are your wipers? I once sat in my 2a at a traffic light in the pouring rain with the wipers on and no roof just enjoying the day. The look on people's faces was awesome.

  • 1956_chrysler_norseman Chrysler
    1956_chrysler_norseman Chryslerწლის წინ

    That land rover is pure awesome an better than a jeep😎

  • Eco Eco
    Eco Ecoწლის წინ

    I owned one of them. Long time ago

  • Toby Mole
    Toby Moleწლის წინ

    One question I wanted answered from almost the start... Where the heck has the tail gate gone to?!

  • Sundown798


    წლის წინ

    If you watch the video in the beginning it's a hard top. So obviously he didn't have a tailgate and a soft top kit or hatch. He took.the swing door off and there ya go.

  • justin moss
    justin mossწლის წინ

    I have a 1969 IIa 109 pickup that I use as a daily driver. I use the truck like it was meant to be used. (Off road, hauling firewood, pulling logs, etc). The truck is slow, loud, and at times a bit temperamental. However she is also rock solid, durable, rugged, and the most reliable vehicle I own. Would not want it any other way

  • Gramursow An Faborden
    Gramursow An Fabordenწლის წინ

    don't strip the paint, let it strip itself by thrashing around in a bog somewhere, but most importantly, keep the patina that naturally develops. that's the Land Rover way.

  • Carlos Oliveira
    Carlos Oliveiraწლის წინ


  • Jeroen de jong
    Jeroen de jongწლის წინ

    I want to push the thumbs-up button again and again.

  • Phil Healey
    Phil Healeyწლის წინ

    Should have synchro on 3rd and 4th! My Series One taught me double declutching on second gear and you should really only go into 1st just before you stop moving.

  • Allan Wagner
    Allan Wagnerწლის წინ


  • Lance Connery
    Lance Conneryწლის წინ

    *strips paint* *car melts*

  • 48956l
    48956lწლის წინ

    that can't be safe

  • Matt c
    Matt cწლის წინ

    A petrol version of the bollinger b1!

  • G D
    G Dწლის წინ

    Love the video, does anyone know what songs playing at 4:05??

  • Freddy Arancibia
    Freddy Arancibiaწლის წინ

    Why are the right and left fenders protruding and the grill and headlights further back?? Doesn't that limit the light visibility??

  • Glenn Kemp
    Glenn Kempწლის წინ

    The suspension is unusually stiff on that

  • Bay Kay
    Bay Kayწლის წინ

    I owned a 63 and a 64. Loved them both. Regret selling them to this day. Excellent vehicles.

  • Samuel Rodriguez Rivera
    Samuel Rodriguez Riveraწლის წინ

    A thing of mechanical beauty!

  • SteveKY
    SteveKYწლის წინ

    "The center of gravity is high" , this guy has never driven a jeep. I've owned both. Presently have a 67" 2a and it will go almost side ways before it will roll. Google it.

  • Nenad Nedovic
    Nenad Nedovicწლის წინ

    The car is gorgeous

  • Nick Rowe
    Nick Roweწლის წინ

    Well spoken. I don't think any other vehicle evokes the sense of adventure you feel when you drive a Series 2 - as I am lucky to do every day.

  • Jeremy Witten
    Jeremy Wittenწლის წინ

    Do you drive it and if you do where

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eyeწლის წინ

    this car is an iconic benchmark in the Jeeps and off roads world , timeless in the memory of this category of car industry .

  • G James
    G Jamesწლის წინ

    I'm throwing around the idea of a series restoration. Drove one in high school. So much fun.

  • FlyGuy
    FlyGuyწლის წინ

    Did I actually hear the "J" word uttered at the 3:42 second mark? Maurice Wilks is rolling over in his grave.

  • Four Wheel Jive
    Four Wheel Jiveწლის წინ

    I love my Land Cruisers like you do this one. But I also love Landy too!

  • Davo
    Davoწლის წინ

    I had a Series 3. Was part of the family. Everyone called it the “anti christ” after the movie the Gods must be Crazy. Like any “Landry” it was unstoppable in the Bush. Would love a 2A or even a Series 1

  • OUSSAMA Arab
    OUSSAMA Arabწლის წინ

    أقو سير في العلم

  • Gustavo Carreras
    Gustavo Carrerasწლის წინ

    Me and my stock '73 series III are proud of this video!

  • Blokdoc
    Blokdocწლის წინ

    Technically it’s supposed to be an off roader it but we sometimes like to have it as a primary vehicle (like this if you agree with me )

  • americansemiotics
    americansemioticsწლის წინ

    Total dochebag adventure machine. What a horrible human being.

  • Mark Perry
    Mark Perryწლის წინ

    Really makes me miss my ’66 S2A.

  • elin van egmond
    elin van egmondწლის წინ

    Can Anyone please tell me which song they used? The piano? :)

  • Russ63
    Russ63წლის წინ

    I really hope he doesn't strip it back to bare aluminium

  • Anthony Baiocchi
    Anthony Baiocchiწლის წინ

    I thought Matchbox didn't make Landrovers because they would always leak oil all over the carpets.

  • Carson Gore

    Carson Gore

    წლის წინ

    That’s just the rust prevention system for the chassis.

  • Stephen Henion

    Stephen Henion

    წლის წინ

    Typical British.....always leaking oil!!

  • Maurice Patterson
    Maurice Pattersonწლის წინ

    i watched with a smile on my face the entire time. Awesome,

  • TreasureDivers
    TreasureDiversწლის წინ

    What a lovely poetic description of owning a Land Rover Series , Thank you for sharing :-)

  • Horse Nuts
    Horse Nuts2 წლის წინ

    I had a 1962 Series IIA once, and it was great fun. It was probably the only car I could always get started (often involving the starting handle in mid-winter), and I could take it pretty much anywhere. What I always loved about the early Landies was that there was a power take-off on the rear in case you wanted to use the car as a tractor and use a bit of farm machinery in case your tractor was being repaired. I'm in England, so old Land Rovers are quite common and you could pick them up for less than £1000 (about US$1300), but the price has been rising recently since they stopped making them. I'm aware of how stupidly priced they are in the US. Surely you don't like them THAT much? I kinda regret selling my old Landie, but the nice thing about selling a Landie is that you know it will still be running around somewhere.

  • Red Shutter Photography
    Red Shutter Photography2 წლის წინ

    A thing of pure beauty, nothing more.